來自日本的 ISHIO DAI 是日本其中一位具領導地位的 Junglist.

他深受英國地下 Rave 文化影響, 於 90年代移居倫敦並開始 DJ 及製作音樂. 回國後就於東京及大阪組織了 “Zettai-Mu” 以及 “Drum&Bass Sessions” 團體, 在日本推動當時仍是日本大多數人未了解的, 感覺另類的 Jungle Dnb 音樂. 其後更創立音樂廠牌 “Effective96”, 代表了當地的地下音樂文化. ISHIO DAI 更與不少國際級 DnB DJ 包括 Goldie, LTJ Bukem, 4Hero, Smith & Mighty 等人同場演出.

今次 ISHIO DAI 來港以全黑膠 Set 切磋一番. 當中會大打 90’s Jungle 以及他秘製 Dubplate.

Highly inspired by the rise of the UK underground rave culture, ISHIO DAI started DJing and producing in the 90s, moving to London to learn more about the craft. He started the Tokyo and Osaka crew, “Zettai-Mu” and “Drum&Bass Sessions” to push forward Jungle DnB music, which at the time was still very fresh and unknown to Japan. Today he is one of the leading junglists in Japan, spinning alongside legends such as Goldie, LTJ Bukem, 4Hero, Smith & Mighty and more.

ISHIO DAI started his own label “Effective96”, with the name in honour of his first gig in ‘96, as well as representing the venture into the underground music culture.