“Hyper Subjective Sketching 2.0″《超主觀速寫 2.0》

by KS

KS was born and raised in Hong Kong, a self-taught artist. He has been a graf ti and street art artist in Hong Kong since 1999 and also involved in illustration work and graphic design. From 2007 he started a series of portrait painting with his unique style and held his rst solo exhibition “Random Is Beautiful” in 2010. He has established an online photo magazine, “the-ideo”, photographs are also exhibited in the 2010 group exhibition “DAY JOB?”. 2011 to curators and participants identity associated with the ten other creative units held “ART(UN)FAIR”, the full daily barter with the audience in the exchange. He has continue to create in every moments, until recently, a series of works called “Dirty Scenery” also exhibit in 2015.

拿過噴漆用在牆上,由一九九九年開始街頭藝術及塗鴉,二〇〇五年第一次不同單位合作及舉辦團 體展覽;畫了水彩在紙上,二〇一〇年首次辦個展覽《Random Is Beautiful》,從此多以人像畫為題;剛畫過十多幅在木板的塑膠彩作展覽,完成個展《混濁的風景》。 途中畫有了幾年還未公開的油彩系列,偶爾拍些底片菲林,開始嘗試做些立體作品自娛,電腦幾乎天天都在用,有時間沉澱好了就寫寫字



“Hyper Subjective Sketching 2.0″《超主觀速寫 2.0》by KS