DJ 108 (Bass Music China/Ape Music / Digital Sensation / Dusted Breaks / VIM Records / Japan )

來自日本東京的 DJ108 是二人組合 SOL 8 的其中一位成員,SOL8 在東京最好優秀的管理團隊下與多個著名音樂廠牌如 Ape music、Digital Sensation 以及 Dusted breaks 合作 Remix 作品。東京第一 Breaks 製作人 Eshericks 亦是他們的同門。

DJ 108 於英國居住多年。他的選曲結合了優秀的 Hip Hop、Breaks 以及 Drum and Bass,加上他具創意的 Remix 品味和 Real Time Video VJing 等絕技讓他成為日本其中一位最前線的 Turntablist。除了 DJ以及 producer 的身份,DJ108 亦於每星期主持 NSB radio 的663A Tokyo 節目。

DJ108 從 Breaks 圈子走進 Bass Music,於英國與眾多著名 DJ 同場演出, 其中包括 Disprove 等 Bass Music DJ。
2014年,DJ 108 移居香港,加入了 Bass Music China Crew 並正在準備一連串創作。大家請密切留意他的消息。

DJ 108 is one half of the highly creative music production duo known as SoL8 originally from Tokyo Japan, currently resides in Hong Kong.Under the same management team of Tokyo’s best breaks producer, Eshericks his duo alias as SoL8 has remixed for labels such as Ape music, Digital Sensation and Dusted breaks. With Flawless track selection, innovative remix taste and real time video vjing has propelled him to be one of the most cutting edge Japanese breaks turntablist and DJ to list.With huge support from Eshericks, he is currently playing the show called 663A Tokyo on NSB radio every other Friday.

Remaining his passion of electronic music, 108 extends his direction into bass music, and played alongside with reputed djs including Disprove in the UK. Since DJ 108 has already grabbed the attention from the breaks as well.

DJ 108