Digging, 解挖掘;帶尋找、探索之意。 而Digging在街頭文化之中是用作形容唱片騎師 (DJ) 於懷舊黑膠碟店內在大量的黑膠碟中尋找素材的活動。而此動作在於街頭文化之中帶非常深層之意義,此動作為對HIPHOP 歷史的一個慣常,習俗性的連接,更被評價為HIPHOP文化其中一個最主要的一個動作。

我們選用 “Diggin’HK” 作為此平台的名字的原因是我們希望透過對HIPHOP的一些貢獻及付出,令更多人,不論舞者、非舞者,都可以更容易了解香港街舞文化,令資訊更流通,令香港的街舞界有一個正面的發展。

本平台由三人創立,成員包括MC,BRAVE,雷青,耗一年多時間籌備及建構,終於 2016年8月正式在iOS, Android發佈。

希望各界能給乎此平台一個支持,作為一個互動資訊平台,資訊的流通及使其豐富實在有賴大家付出,請抽空於平台成為註冊用戶,只需大家輸入註冊資料及電郵 ,即可享用此平台的所有功能。


請一直留意我們Facebook, Instagram 的預告。

Diggin’ HK is a one stop mobile information platform for street dance in HK. It gathers the information and functionality of street dance available to street dancers, and people who are interested.

The apps is available in iOS App Store and Google PlayStore, allowing users to know different types of street dance, meet other dancers for practice, and access to the most completed and updated list of upcoming street dance related events in Hong Kong.

Diggin’HK is created by dancers for dancers, it is founded by 3 active dancers who have engaged in the community in almost 10 years. Founders hope to utilize their business, legal, design and programming knowledge acquired to contribute to the community that grows them up.

Recently Diggin’HK successfully gained support from being granted the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and admitted into Jockey Club Incubation Programme of Social Innovation 2017.

More features are coming out soon, please stay tuned for the latest news at

Instagram @Digginhkofficial and Facebook @Diggin’HK